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Lumpy Cam Selection

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I would like some input on a camshaft
I have called crane and the fella was more than nice, I am not sure if I was satisfied with his recomendations.
I want a noticeable lump at idle, however I want all my vacum accessorys to work (power disc brakes) I want to use stock diameter valve springs and a stock converter
going into 66 ElCamino 350 cid Edelbrock intake (do not know model) Holly 650 w/vacum secondaries & headers Everything else is bone stock.
Thanks in advance for any input
Jeff Palazzolo
St Louis MO
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Okay guys thanks for the input
What I should have included was fast is not what I am after Just something that has a little lump at idle and still be driveable
I think Steve L understands what I mean. Would still like more input
What makes the lump lobe seperation or duration?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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