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Lumpy Cam Selection

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I would like some input on a camshaft
I have called crane and the fella was more than nice, I am not sure if I was satisfied with his recomendations.
I want a noticeable lump at idle, however I want all my vacum accessorys to work (power disc brakes) I want to use stock diameter valve springs and a stock converter
going into 66 ElCamino 350 cid Edelbrock intake (do not know model) Holly 650 w/vacum secondaries & headers Everything else is bone stock.
Thanks in advance for any input
Jeff Palazzolo
St Louis MO
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I take it you just want the sound and arent concerned about how the engine runs, because either of these cams will give the noise but without the supporting higher compression the engine is going to be a stone. Need at least 9:1, if you are stock in the low 8s dont be suprised if the car is slower then it was. Also the 280 wont work well with a stock converter..the crane guy probably suggested a milder cam, which is right on the money with stock parts.

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