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We have received a large shipment of the newest LS block available. This is the Dart Machinery LSNext block. We have not yet started a build with one of these, but we are excited to get to work on one soon.

Here are some pictures of one that's in stock here, as well as some highlights from Dart. At the bottom you'll find part numbers and pricing. We don't yet have more oil pan spacers or block completion kits in stock for pictures, as we have shipped what we received to customers already. I will come back and update with those as soon as we get the next shipment.

Dart’s LS Next block is the first significant change in the architecture of the LS engine platform. By eliminating the “Y-block” design and utilizing conventional style main caps and oil pans, Dart has addressed the problems resulting from the LS engine’s separated crankcase bays. Windage is greatly reduced, resulting in increased power along with a much stronger main web area.


Dart’s LS Next block is cast in the USA with premium cast iron alloy

Conventional style 4-bolt steel main caps with 7/16” bolts are used

Full main webbing for maximum bottom end strength

Cylinder barrels are extended by .375” at the bottom, providing greater piston support for all combinations

9.240” deck height, with options of 9.450" are available which allows for a possible effective barrel length of 9.825” deck block

Extra thick Siamese cylinder bores allow for large displacement capacity, and a max bore size of at least 4.200”

A 5/8” thick full deck design with a 9.240” deck height

Six head bolts per cylinder provide secure clamping for power adder applications

Head bolts are upgraded to 7/16” for increased strength

Blind head bolt holes don’t go through into the water jacket

Provision for oil restrictors in the lifter valley • Revised low restriction priority main oiling system

Pro-Stock / Pro-Mod big block style stepped main oil galley

An external oil filter must be used with stock or aftermarket oil pumps

Dual starter mounts

The water jacket on the #1 cylinder has been expanded for additional cooling capacity

LSX style lifter bosses and dog bone provision are provided

You'll notice some "odd" differences from what you're used to. Older SBC guys won't find most of this odd and will recognize some things. You might also have some questions, which are quite welcome.

You'll notice the different cam retainer plate

Water jackets are revised.

You aren't running stock lifter guides in this block. LSX guides or tire bars.

These have press in freeze plugs.

The barbell hole is plugged.

This will use stock front and rear covers.

We know how the stock block and parts handled all of the passages under the covers. We will have to get the completion kit in here to see what Dart does in those areas. Especially with the deletion of the stock cam retainer that connected the two front oil passages.

There is no provision for a Gen 3 cam sensor. You will have to run the Gen IV front cover and sensor.

There is no passage that supplies oil to the stock location in the valley cover for the oil pressure sensor. There might be a passage you could drill into, we are not certain at this time. You may have to run the sensor in an alternate location.

Note the pads for a starter on either side of the block.

Block with 4.100 bore = Dart 31837111 $2469.95 with free shipping
Block with 4.125 bore = Dart 31837211 $2469.95 with free shipping
Block completion kit = Dart 32000016 $129.95
Oil pan rail adapters = Dart 62230001 $329.95
Moroso LSNext oil pan = 20144 $534.99
Required pickup tube for that pan = 24144 $129.95

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a quick over view of what type of LS engine parts, would be needed,to build a complete engine with that block as the center piece, like what cylinder heads,intakes oil pumps, oil pans etc./that will be or won,t be useful would be helpful, with that block as the start point in an engine build, to actually build a working engine and how it might differ from the stock LS engine block requirements would be VERY useful here!
I,m fairly sure that many guys will be thinking they can buy the block and use most of the components from a salvage yard 5.3 engine with the addition of new pistons,cam, rings and a matching oil pan to complete a larger displacement engine with a good deal more performance potential, but experience has shown me many times that its rarely that simplistic.
links to a build listing all the parts used and reasonable options in crank strokes, cylinder head choices and list a few suppliers might also be very helpful.
most of us know the LS series engine has good power potential but some of us are not totally familiar with the LS family of engines and the options available, such as how can you use a carb intake or swap in an old school ignition, wet vs dry sump oil pan options, limitations on crank stroke, cam lift , rockers, to be used, sources for cams, connecting rods, intakes,compression limitations, etc. etc.
an engine build with a detailed parts list, and construction details, that produced 550hp-600 plus hp would go a long way to help you sell blocks, ESPECIALLY IF the cost to power was kept fairly low and as many common salvage yard parts as possible were used, anyone can build an impressive engine with a near bottomless checking account balance, but most of us are on limited budgets

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550-600hp is done with stock stuff, someone buying this would have to be shooting for more than that wouldn't they?
Looks, cool though. But what is it about the oil pan that makes it cost 1/5 as much as the block?

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all that reworking, and they couldn't put a couple of bosses in the sides of the block to allow either LS or traditional small block motor mounts to be used..

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Derrick, these blocks are really intended for those Vette/Camaro/GTO-CSV crowd that are finding the limits of roughly 2000 horsepower under boost. They corrected the steam pocket issues, the 8000 rom oiling issues, and of course allow for a HUGE LSx in a package that is just a touch bigger in a few spots. I know they take most production heads, both catherdral, and LS6,7,8 and 9.
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