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LS6 build

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I have a 1970 LS5 SS454. Im getting ready to build the motor but I want to build the LS5 to LS6 specs. The only parts I have too do this is the original LS5 512 block.
I understand that the block will have to have some machining to accomadate the 4 bolt mains and the remote oil cooler. Any others changes I dont know about.
I really dont want to search for parts for this motor for several years. Is their a one stop shop that can sell me heads, hardware, cam, pistons rods, pans covers dist. and everthing else I will need. I want everything correct code dated and as exact as possible for an LS6 car.
I know some of you may think Im crazy but as a purist I believe that improving a car and keeping the correct GM vintage is always good. Such as converting a bench seat car to buckets or a bad color too a good color.
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