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Ls5 engine specs

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Could someone please post the specs for a LS5 454 engine. I am really looking for all the specs of the engine, cam, heads, intake, carb, compresion and hp ratings. I currently have a set of 70 ls5 heads, a 72 454 block and a ls5 intake and want to know the hp for this engine and the cam specs so I may build close to factory as possible. thanks for the help.
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I have more info on the LS6, but that's not what you want, here's all the info I have on the 454 LS5:
Bore and stroke: 4.25 x 4.00
Compression Ratio: 10.25:1
Rated [email protected]: 360 @ 4400
Rated [email protected]: 500 @ 3200
Carburetion: 1X4V Rochester Quadra-jet throttle dia.,pri/sec ...1.38/2.25
Valve train: rocker arms, pushrods, hydraulic
valve lifters.
cam timing*,
deg., int./exh. ...56-114/110-62
duration., int./exh. ...350/352

*These are probably GM's specs(if they don't
make sense)
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