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ls5 drive shaft

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I am restoring A 1970 ls5 454 chevelle convertible with a turbo 400 and I am wondering if there are any markings on the drive shaft if so what colors ?
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should be three rings of color near the middle. Colors would be on your build sheet in the prop shaft box.

Hmmmm looks like I did mine incorrectly..thought BL was black....not blue. Darn, now I have to fix it!!.

richr said:
Here's a good resource link

I note on this link it shows most only two colors - also BL - BK - believe is Blue Black.

I see that Rich, but my build sheet says PB...??? I thought pink-black-pink...any other thoughts from anyone??

only two stripes! shaft definatley had three stripes on it..I can tell by the "no rust" stripes on!!..definatley time to re-think the pink thing.

1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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