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ls5 drive shaft

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I am restoring A 1970 ls5 454 chevelle convertible with a turbo 400 and I am wondering if there are any markings on the drive shaft if so what colors ?
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In 1992 at the Chevelle showdown thier was an open forum on detailing the 1970-1972 undercarrage and component finishes.
All undercarrage components were discussed and it was mentioned that nothing was written in stone. The forum was hosted by Frank Serafine, Super Chevy Limited, Brian Caudell, Caudell Paint and Details, Jeff Dotterer, owner of bowtie muscle car parts and others.
It is out of this forum that the driveshaft was said to be:
Driveshaft=natural (bare steel)
Driveshaft ends=natural (cast gray)
Driveshaft Yoke=natural (cast gray)
Thier were other paint markings on the driveshaft, but I don't remember the exact colors or the placement of them. If I can find the article I will let you know.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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