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LS-6 motor code CRR WIW

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I recently bought back an LS-6 project car I used to own and a local guy has a LS-6 motor that he's had For years and wants to sell. My question is what's it worth. I know it doesn't have the distributor in it.. Not sure if it has starter,alt,water pump which would greatly affect price. If it's just a complete together long block not blown up WIW. My car is a 4 speed car so CRR isn't right suffix but I figured it's next best thing. By the way I do have the build sheet for car.. In fact last time I owned it the guy that bought it saw it here on this site for sale..I recently spotted it on e-bay and it was only 2 hrs away so I bought it back.
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Be sure its a '70 block. I've seen a CRR coded LS6 crate engine that was a 289 casting block.
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