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low volts-miss in idle sometimes...

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I think i might answer my own question here. But any other feedback is great.

drove to work yesterday 20 miles. after getting off the freeway my car felt like it was missing and the idle was a little rough.

Same thing again today but not as repetitive.

Once i get going i dont notice it. Only at idle.

In the past It was a spark plug wire ARCing off the header. I have been through 2 sets of wires. Some MSD super conductors did it after about 5 months and now Im on some Accel wires.

If it is the wires. How do I keep killing them? Is it just the heat? Am i gonan have to shell out the cash for some ceramic boots

ANy other opinions are welcome.

Oh yeah when this happens the voltmeter hops around alittle or stays around the 11-12 range.

Most of the time it is 13 sometime 14.

This is with running no elctric fan. No radio on.
383 600 cfm carb, headers and a 7 month old Accel HEI setup.
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Just pull some boot insulators from a *whisper* f-o-r-d ;) if heat is killing the plug wires, dont buy that expensive crap :D

How you burned an MSD super conductor set is beyond me...those things have a bigger boot than my little brother

Good luck with the other problems
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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