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low charge rate

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Just finished mounting my battery to the rear of my el camino, and have noticed at night, with every thing on that the volt guage is showing only 11 1/2 volts. I have a 100 amp single wire voltage altenator, and its always showed 12 volts or more on the guage. I ran the single wire off the altenator, back to the battery with a 10 guage wire, to the + post, am i running to heavy a wire or is it something else. I've cut out my night driving for fear the battery will go dead! Any ideas?
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Where is the voltmeter reading the voltage?
No you can't run too heavy a wire but you can run to small. The heavier the wire the more current it can handle without excessive voltage drop(or burning up).

Steve Strasemeier (70SS 396, Fathom Blue/White Stripes)
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