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Loosing gas fast...

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My '72 Chevelle 400sbc .030 over and 435hp. At least that is what I was told when buying the car. Now, I know muscle cars weren't supposed to get good gas mileage, but my car still shouldn't be drinking gas like it is now. I have to newly rebuilt qjet on it and runs great. When the car is running, the needle in the gas gauge just keeps on moving. This happens when in "park" or "drive". It doesn't really matter. I was going to change the rear end out of it, but I don't have the garage to do it in. What can I do to get alittle better gas mileage?

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My 2 cents.... the gas we have now - doctored with Ethanol - has a much lower BTU potential that the old GOOD gas...

Less power, more fuel burned to move down the road.
You mis-understand, Ethan. Ethanol is not good gas. You have alredy been switched by all the mis-guided people who are convinced that 'corn fuel' is better than 'dino fuel'.
What you are buying is laced with ethanol.... nothing you can do about it.
I have read that a mixture of Acetone (3 oz.), Xylene (3 oz.) and synthetic motor oil (1 oz.) will really wake up a tank of the bad gas. I have not tried it so I will not speak for what it does or does not do.

I do know a person who had issues with a 327 'vette in a Stude' truck that was running like crap - he added the mix and the truck ran excellent after a few miles. He claims it worked on the truck. He tried it on his wifes' car and it did nothing.

I have had good luck with adding a quart of racing gas to the tank of bad gas... really helped the pinging that I was getting from the (don't laugh...) "high-test" gas that I had bought.

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