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Looses spark. give your opinion please.

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Working on a 71 chevelle with a 454. Has a HEI dist. After reving the car up it missfires. I checked with a spark tester and when it missfires it sparts 5-6 times then no spark 1-2 times then sparks again. My thought is it has a coil going bad. The module is possable but when they have gone bad on me they loose all spark. No missfire like this is doing.

Any other ideas?

Thanks Rich
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Don't have specifics on the misfire, but I had a spark issue last week that caused a no start. Did get spark when testing but I guess it was just weak spark. Changed coil, rotor, and module it and fixed the problem. By the looks of the parts I replaced, the coil and rotor looked brand new but the module looked pretty old (I had just bought the car). My guess is that it was a bad module causing weak spark.

Since the parts are not expensive, I would start replacing those parts in the distributor and see if it fixes it.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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