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I recently bought a 1968 chevelle ss and im trying to find any of its previous owners more importantly the origanal one. It is a black black bench seat 4 speed car that looks to have been drag raced for some time. Car was bought new at Reedman Chevrolet in Lang Horne Pa. It has echings on the vent windows. The drivers side has a half dressed girl on it by inital AR and also has a skull with a knife in his mouth and a ribon around it and says AH THE END IS HERE by TV or TW. And the pass side has a skull with a sword going down through it and a bandanna and says DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR by AR and has alittle devil with what seems to be a mexican hat and the devils pitch fork by TV or TW and on the rear glass it has roses in both lower corners by Tony. Somebody also put small flair extending the rear quarters out to put wider tires. The car started out in Pa but was bought out of Ny any information on this car would be greatly appricated. The car at one time had a desert syne on its sides at one time
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