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Looking for info on axle casting 3959038NF

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The only info I find on line is at Chevelle Stuff. That site indicates this was used in LATE '69 with all engines and early '70 Chevelles with L78 only.
The big mystery is the cast and assembly dates..cast June 28 1968 and assembled Sept 20th, 1968 Why would an axle assembled in mid 1968 only be put into use in late '69 to early '70 ?
Also, is this a nodular center section for high hp use ?
Any of you '69-70 experts have any further, better, info on this axle ?
The assembly code is KF, by way of Chevelle Stuff, it indicates 3.55 posi. Which may work behind a TH400, but doesn't seem to fit with a high HP engine and manual trans.
I'll appreciate any enlightenment all y'all can provide...:)



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that casting number was used in 1969
built in 9/20/68 for a 69 car;
most likely that rear axle is not what the 70chevell was born with...
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