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So i'm swapping in an aluminum radiator and I ordered the radiator with the correct side upper hose connection on the passenger side, correct for 64-65 chevelles. Does anyone know where I could get this hose for my 65 bbc. Here an example like on the Z16 cars.

I tried looking in OPG and Muscle Factory catalogs, but I only found them for the 66-67 chevelles, which in the opposite side i'm looking for....I would go to my local auto parts place, but I don't have an example of the hose and I don't think there computers go back that far.

Any place, brand, and part #'s would be most helpful.


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I am going to "assume" the thermostat neck is in the same spot on your '65 as it is on a '66. If not this won't work. If so, then rotating the upper rad hose should allow it to connect on the other side of the radiator.

If that is the case, then you should be able to use a '66 hose and just rotate the hose about the thermostat neck.

Hope that make sense. Good luck!

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