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Way back when I owned a new 70 Malibu, ow many years later I want to buy what I couldn't then. Looking in the 68 to 70 models. Saw many and found one on the internet in Texas. It a 68 SS 396 with a tru138 code 396/350 "JC suffix" It has the 69 muncie speed 4 speed, w Edelbrock performance intake Holley 750 cfm double pumper. The pictures (many) look very good and I've had many conversations with the dealer/owner. They assert no rust. The pasint is new. It's PPG tequila sunrise. The price is $29,000. Is that a good ballpark value? Thanks for the help on this first forum post.

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Too high IMO. #'s matching '68's aren't reaching that price. IF everything is as he says it is (which it won't be), 15~18 would be about right. Look in the TC classifieds, there's a real '68 SS in there.
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