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Looking for a Chevelle.....

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Hello all......A while back someone had posted a picture of a Black 70 that was tubbed ....It had silver flames ...there was a picture at the track and just painted at the paint shop.......Thank You...

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Is this it? If so its my brother in laws car.



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I have a entire folder of pics of the car prior to paint and body work and in the body shop then when its done. I need to try to get some really nice ones of it now that its all finished.

ACE841 said:
Be sure to share when you do. IMO the 70-72s look great as big tire cars :cool:
I agree, the big tires just fit these cars so good and give them a mean stance.

I got 17 MB of pics of it. I can email them to you if you like, might take a few emails to get them all sent if thats ok.

1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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