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Looking for 1969 SS Chevelle that I sold.......... Marina Blue with white/parchment interior

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Hi Everyone
I"m looking for a 1969 SS Chevelle that I sold in San Jose California around 1988 ish. I know this is a shot in the dark but I thought I'd try anyway. This was my high school car that I restore and has sentimental value to me. It was Marina blue in color (no white stripe) with white factory white interior. 396 big block with turbo 400 automatic transmission. A special marking on the car had a passenger quarter panel seem on the interior of the trunk.

I sold this car around the year 1988 in San Jose in the area of Braham and Leigh streets. Please let me know if anyone knows the current owner of this car. I'd love to chat with them and provide some history on the car and even see if it's for sale.

[email protected] is how to reach me. Cheers.
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Thanks Andy. I wish I had the VIN
If you recall what insurance company you had the car insured with they may be able to provide you with the vin.
Do you still reside in the area you sold the car? If so that is the place to start looking. Go to cruises in the area armed with pics of the car when you sold it and see if anyone remembers seeing the car.
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