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Longer Wheel Studs

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I have a narrow 12 bolt (65 66 or 67) rear in my car. With stock wheels the rear of the car looks odd because the wheels and tires are inboard about a 1/2 inch beyond stock position with the correct width rear. I want a stock appearance and I don't really want to remove the rear end and choke out money for another wider 68 / 72 rear.

So my thought is can I put a spacer in there between the wheel and the drum? I know there are spacers avail and the Street Rod guys use them all the time to get that dead nuts placement of the wheel / tire as close as possible to the fenders.

I am wondering if i can get some wheel studs that are say 1/2 inch longer to accomodate the added width of a 1/2 spacer behind each rear wheel/

Any comments and ideas on sources of studs / use of spacers???
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there is a set of 15x10's with 5" of backspace ebay (not mine) right now that would work well for your particular situation.
I think what Purs is trying to say is just use a wheel with 1/2" less back space than normal.
Generally, for example, to fit a 15x10" wheel under a '68-'72 Chevelle with same year rearend, you'll need a 5.5" back space.
With a '66 or '67 rearend, the housing tube lengths are 5/8" shorter on each side...use a 5" BS wheel to correct the "look".
I would not use a spacer! :eek:
Thanks Bill

I guess this is not gonna work...I really don't like the spacer idea myself(as I said up above) but I cannot get the wheels I want in the correct backspacing. The smallest backspace they have available is 3 3/4 and that is almost exactly what the factory wheels are.

I want to push the tire outward anout 1/2 to 5/8 inch on each side and in order to do that I need a smaller backspace than the 4.00 on the factory wheels. 3 3/4 gets me part of the way to where I want to be but considering the cost of two wheels I am still 3/8 inch from where I want to be.

I have 15 x 8 rims that look OK as far as tire position but the rim / wheels center look like a reversed rim from the good old days.

Thanks everyone for your help on this
I would swap ya rears if you lived closer.

sorry, oman. I assumed way too much. Billscamino is right, a 15x10 with 5.5" bs is correct with a standard width rear but with yours you need less bs. If you're running stock looking wheels then the one's on Ebay will work and look "correct."
Since the rear end is a 12 bolt I am pretty sure you could make a profit on the swap to a proper length 12 bolt. The narrower 12 bolts sell for a good price. A little more work but IMO it would be the wise thing to do. Good Luck :)
I know I can sell the narrow rear for $$$$....but I want to keep it. Plans include using it in a 67 GTO (3x2 Pontiac 455 and an overdrive automatic with some other goodies) I want to build once I sell my Vette and some other things fall into line.
Moroso used to make/market longer studs. They will cause no problem as long as your wheels are a specific pattern (4.75 I assume would be correct for a Chevy) and the lug nuts hold the wheel centered. The problem would arise if you had a universal fit wheel that used offset washers to center the wheel. We have spacers on both sides of our dragster to prevent the larger tires from rubbing the frame. Our 60 foot time is 1.00 -1.09 depending on track conditions. Our 1/8 mile time is in the 4.40's-low4.50's. We have had no problems.
I am indeed using stock GM wheels that align themselves. Soooo from what I read this could work. I am trying to get the stock 14 x 7 wheels to look the way they should without going to the longer rear. Sooner or later (when I build that GO) I will need a wider 12 bolt for the Chevy but for now a couple of spacers(not adapters) and some studs and I should be good to go.

Hmmmmm? I still wonder about the stresses induced on the longer studs but I certainly can see your point about the universal wheels. That could be a frightening setup with spacers / longer studs / universal pattern wheels..

Well back to thinking it over. It is nice to see the differeing opinions. Some of the stuff we did as kids makes my skin crawl looking back now. We just tried stuffwithout the benefit of information exchange like is possible now over the web.

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sleeper said:
We have spacers on both sides of our dragster to prevent the larger tires from rubbing the frame.... We have had no problems.
Is that NHRA legit?? :confused: I thought wheel spacers weren't allowed.
You should be able to find them from circle track suppliers.

Also we use them on all divisions at our track (circle track). It is required for a good setup to have our wheels in the same track (right side wheels should always run in each others grove) and we are always using different components than came stock. I know that on my car I have 3 wheels with some as big as 1" spacers, though I use 5/8" studs.

You can get 7/16", 1/2", and 5/8" studs in 2" or 3" lengths with coarse of fine thread. I think the 7/16 and 1/2" use a .500" knurl and the 5/8" studs use a .685" knurl (which is a 43/64 drill bit). Meaning you will have to drill out you axles. I suggest only doing this with a drill press or lathe, do not free hand unless you want to by new axles....
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