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Longer Wheel Studs

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I have a narrow 12 bolt (65 66 or 67) rear in my car. With stock wheels the rear of the car looks odd because the wheels and tires are inboard about a 1/2 inch extra. I want a stock appearance and I don't really want to remove the rear end and choke out money for another wider 68 / 72 rear.

So my thought is can I put a spacer in there between the wheel and the drum? I know there are spacers avail and the Street Rod guys use them all the time to get that dead nuts placement of the wheel / tire as close as possible to the fenders.

I am wondering if i can get some wheel studs that are say 1/2 inch longer to accomodate the added width of a 1/2 spacer behind each rear wheel/

Any comments and ideas on sources of studs / use of spacers???
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My response...same topic, different forum...
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