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I've been visiting this site for years, finally joined a year ago, and decided to go all in today by becoming a lifetime member in the hopes of better supporting this wonderful resource.

A short introduction would go like this:
I got my first (and only) Chevelle in 1986 as a HS graduation present from my parents (no, I didn't deserve it).
It is a 68 SS Conv. with a SB 350 where the 396 should have been.
It was driven daily for 3 years until I realized I needed something more economical while I was in college, so it got parked in a garage.
This was only "temporary" until I was able to finish school and get a "real job".
Unfortunately (fortunately), marriage, a mortgage, another mortgage, a child and many other life events occurred and the SS sat, and sat, and sat in the garage....
Fast forward to May 2011 (yes, about 23 years later).
I finally decided that I needed to do something with the Chevelle.
I wanted to get it back on the road while my parents could still enjoy it.
Heck, I wanted to get it on the road while I could still enjoy it.
The excuse that I would get it running again once my best friend returned his 66 to the street expired when he finished his frame-off in December.
My wife wanted me to finally get working on it.
But mostly I wanted my parents to be able to enjoy with their grand daughter, that wonderful feeling that riding in that car brings, and not see it buried in a corner of my garage every time they visited, especially given the financial sacrifices they must have made at that time to give it to me.
So it is currently under the knife and hopefully will be back on the street this fall.
What I have lined up for it:
SC&C Touring Plus Suspension Package
Baer Track 4 Fronts and SS4 Rear brakes
Rick's Vaporworks Tank
LS376 480HP
Keisler TKO-600
Currie NASCAR Track 9 from SC&C
Dakota Digital VHX Gauge Cluster
Vintage Air Front Runner
Vintage Air Gen IV AC
Pypes X-Change with Race Pro Mufflers & Electric Cut-Outs
Added Power to the Top and Windows
Ron Francis wiring harness

Need: (any recommendations?)
Exhaust manifolds/Headers

Looking forward to spending much more time here.

Thanks for listening,

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Tom, great story and I wish you the best with your 68.
Any questions I have had this forum has answered. Share some photos when you get into it.

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Welcome to TC, Tom----:D
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