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lights, tail, brake, turn

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76 El Camino. The brake lights, tail lights and all turn signals do not work in any position;
ie: lights on, or off, car started or not started. The headlamps and side markers work fine, as do the dash lights and radio. I have checked fuses. and they look fine. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Start checking voltage and see exactly where you do have and where you do not have 12 volts.
I probably would do a quick check at the tail light sockets first.
Pull the light switch out to the first notch (park & tail) to check for tail light power and work on one thing at a time, most likely if you find the tail light problem, you also found the brake/turn signal problem.

Check to make sure the sockets are grounded too.
I assume you know that the bulbs are good.
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