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I just finished putting a Lecarra steering wheel & horn button and Billet Specialties adapter on my 67 Elky. Of course there was no provision for the old way of making the horn connections work. I took an old contact unit, cut off the tower that the plunger sticks up in and reversed the plunger so it makes contact with the brass ring on the bottom of the contact unit. The Lecarra horn button has two connections on it. In the center is a male spade connector that I hooked the plunger wire to.

On the underside rim of the horn button, there is another connector. This on is a ring connector that it appears one would crimp another wire to. Problem is there is no where to run a second wire. Since these are "universal", I assume it's for a different make/model car.

Anyway, when I hooked it all up and depressed the horn button, it honked...but I also got a good shock. Now, the horn didn't work before (I suspect) due to dirty contacts I found when I pulled the original steering wheel off. Simply grounding the brass plate on the contact unit to the steering column honked the horn.

Question is, should there be another ground somewhere I'm missing? Why would I get a mild shock? Since the adapter is suppose to fit 67 and up GM with non/tilt, hopefully someone has installed one and gotten the horn to work correctly.

I emailed Lecarra last week but I haven't gotten any reply. They also sent the wrong horn button twice...I wanted the "Heartbeat" logo and got a "Bowtie" twice so I'm not too impressed with their support.

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Dale, I installed a Grant wheel on ym 65 and I only used the contact with the grounding symbol by it. It also had two spade terminals available. I believe the second is used to open the circuit as opposed to closing the circuit. Use a meter to check between each terminal and the outer ring to confirm this. I believe you should only use the one terminal to ground the contact when you depress the horn button.

As for the shock, maybe you do not have a good column ground and are getting part of the charge. Check to see if your column has a good ground wire or plate at the steering coupler (rag joint). Maybe it is not making good contact or some of the wire strands are broken.

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