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I'm well aware of Cal-Tracs traction bars for leaf spring cars. They may well be one of the best available for dedicated dragstrip cars, but for street driven hotrods, there are some pros AND cons that come with using them, depending on the particular application. So I was wondering what kind of success people have had using traditional slapper traction bars on cars with serious hp. Competion Engineering has longer ones that come up right under the spring eye, which is no doubt the way to go, but even at that, they say they are only for up to 450hp. That seems a bit low to me, so my specific question is:

What is the highest hp street/strip leaf spring car you've seen have good success with those traditional slapper traction bars?

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Even 'ole Grumpy was running deep 9's with them in the early 70's and late 60's.

They are pretty beefy.

How 'bout a set of ladder bars under that shoebox? Plenty of room without whacking stuff.

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