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L78 T400 w/ 3.73 rear????

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Just when I was sure I had a real L78 someone told me that you couldn't get 3.73 rear end stock from the factory with the Turbo 400 transmission. Is this true?
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What's the code on the rear housing ?
CI is for 3.73 posi w/L78/396.
Yes. CI0421B
OK,that's a 3.73 posi.
Don't see anything that says you couldn't order a 3.73 posi w/TH400.
Does it make any difference if it is a L78? I've seen, what I believe to be real, L78's with manual transmissions with the 3.73 rear but not any automatics?
For 1969 the L78 engine came standard with 3.55 ratio, regardless of transmission. Here were the options, also regardless of transmission:

Economy - 3.31.
Performance - 3.73.
Special Order - 4.10.

Dealer Installed - 4.56 and 4.88.

Hope this helps.
Helps very much!!! Thanks!!! One more question, On my POP it says "C"9DO3 for the transmission. The "C" is for Powerglide--as far as I know that wasn't an option for the L78 but I have seen other errors like this on POP's. Has anyone else? The POP doesn't appear to be a fake and I know that there are very good fakes out there. Shouldn't it be an "X"?
Think C was used for all a/t as I don't see a code showing TH400 for the POP -69-72.
The engine code specified the trans along with the engine.
Check with Dale on that.
The engine code on the POP is T0409KF as you know is 396 375 11.0:01 4BC TH trans. I'm starting to feel a lot better about this but I have been afraid to ask. I'd like to hear from Dale or anyone else. Thanks!
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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