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OK you guys,
I have post questions concerning this Tach before, and have gotten help with a diagram of the holes into dash for the Kneeknocker Tach and etc.
I bought this tach new from Original Parts and the wirings, but they never sent a bracket.
I contacted them on a bracket and they do not have any. I also have contacted other parts places with same answer.
I have a picture of one on the dash of a 66 SS Chevelle with the small square Chrome braket between the Tach and Dash. I for some reason, cannot find a place that knows or handles this Bracket.
Does anyone out there, know where I can get one or maybe there wasn,t a Bracket like I am looking at in a Photo. This isn,t the only Photo I saw the Tach with this Bracket.
Will appreciate the help on this VERY MUCH...

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I bought this tach new from Original Parts and the wirings, but they never sent a bracket.
The Factory "KneeKnocker" tach (1966) did NOT have an additional bracket, and NOTHING between the tach and the dash... This also goes for the repro. Did you get the chrome cup that the elctronics sit in? If so, that the whole assembly...

There was a "reinforcement plate" that mounted behind the dash (acted like a large washer). It was rectangular with the two holes (one for the screw and one for the wiring... I have not seen these reproduced (don't really see a need).

You can make one yourself out of a piece of scrap steel (or aluminum). Measure and drill the appropriate holes... Easy...

If you are looking for an actual mounting bracket that goes BETWEEN the dash and the tach, then it sounds like you have the "dealer installed" accessory tach that was bought over the parts counter (NOT factory installed)... These seem pretty rare, and I have not seen anything reproduced for those... (oops, thats right, you have the repro tach)...

On the Factory tach, the entire mounting cup was one piece. It had a rounded cup with a neck that mounted directly to the dash, one=-piece, non-adjustible... The assembly is available repro, but not separate from the repro tachometers...
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