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This topic is based on an observation...... I typically go to my local weekend car show about once a month. I always try to bring my sons and one or two kids from my neighborhood. These kids are clean cut, well mannered and extremely polite. Actually they must be or they wouldn't be around me. Anyway, as I spend time around these kids I share stories about the car culture when I was their age and how it wasn't uncommon for someone with a cool car to approach kids and elaborate on what I was looking at, and sometimes let us sit behind the wheel. But now when I take them most of the people hang together in little "middle aged" groups with little more then a passing glance for the people that come out to see their cars.

Before anyone gets started I know and enjoy the fact that small local car shows are as much a social gathering as anything else but darn. Our hobby can only continue to grow if we keep the youth involved. If you don't like the environmental regulations that some states are proposing try thinking of it this way. Many of those elected officials may not have been exposed to the positive aspects of our hobby as kids. Now when it comes time to make laws concerning cars they simply cannot relate or understand our subculture. By the way elected officials of the future are those kids many don't take 20 seconds to acknowledge now.

Also the tuner cars of today aren't hurting our culture. When we push these kids away because of the differences in our taste in automobiles they are left with others their own age to be influenced by and learn from. I don't know about you guys but I learned a lot by being positively accepted by my elders growing up.

Just my thoughts based on the opinions of children. Also if you are offended by what you've taken the time to read ask yourself why.

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Leave it to a lowlife, or simply a stupid person to knock anything positive (attention JEALOUS females).

All I see is transcendence. Whatever it takes to satisfy an individuals capacity and induces them to push their envelope.

I've seen some of these kids tweaking FI units using laptop computers. Things like Mega Squirt systems (FI software) and innovative forced induction systems have me intrigued.

I like the idea of tweaking an FI system using a laptop. I plan on transplanting a 60 degree V6 in my MG, and with the proper cam in conjunction with a set of Rhoads lifters, it should be quite an eye opener to see what happens once I play with the Fuel Injection software.

Just take a look at what GM is doing with Variable Valve Timing..though more sophisticated than a simple set of lifters.

You would be more than a fool to knock any of it. One mocks what one does not understand.

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I don't think anyone here can complain about the innovations in the car industry regarding performances. I do think, though, that each type of car has it's palce. I wouldn't want to enter a late model show with my car, nor would I think a show aimed at older cars would suit a newer car either. I definately welcome the new ideas, and since I'm not restoring my car, lots of the ideas might transfer over to what I would like to do. I'm in the process of an EFI swap, and if you go to the pro-touring boards, you'll find a wealth of info on modernizing older stuff.

I think most of us grew up at least a little interested in cars or machines. Can we fore the next generation(s) to also be fans? no, but we can certainly make sure it's accessable to those that are.

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"A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove... but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child." -- Forest E. Witcraft

I think that quote puts things into perspective. I spend a lot of my personal time with scouts, both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. I got started because my kids are both in the programs. But when I put on the uniform my influence extends much beyond my own children and they have grown to understand that they have to share dad with others.

I originally bought my El Camino to haul stuff for scouting and continue to take it on every camp outing I can. It is loud, smelly, and (according to my wife) generally obnoxious and *******. The boys think it is very cool and a couple offer to take it from me on a regular basis. I will stop and talk about this stuff whenever they ask. At some point I expect I will even have a boy wrenching on the El Camino and learning how to maintain their own car when they have one of their own. Most get none of this kind of exposure at home.

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Good post, you hit the nail right in the head... And it's not just classic cars that this pertains to either, I used to do LOT of trapshooting, it's funny how the old codgers use d to give us the cold shoulder when we first started shooting (in my 20's) Now these same guys are crying because they have nobody to shoot with..

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sadly, if you say you want to take the n'hood kid to a car show,(even is the kid is always, in your driveway as you work on it..) the parents look at you funny, and fear the worst...
back when I was grow'n up. neighbors ,talks to each other.. knew everybody, and would help each other out from time to time.
that wasn't that long ago.. late 70's and '80s
now, neighbors don't even talk to each other, have no idea who's live'n beside them.. and would not go out of their way to help each other.
sad isn't it..
so today, if you tell a kid, "look ,your always here ,asking about the car, ect. want to go to a car show, this week end.., if it's o.k. with your parents"
the kid get home,, high as a kite, "mommy,moommy, can I go to a car show with ,so and so.." can I can I, can I...?
all you get is a knock on the door from the police, ask'n why. you talking to the neighbors kid..
is sad, the media, has made people fear, everything..
WE(the cop and me) when over to the neighbor.. and talked, told them ,the kid likes car, hangs around,when I'm working on mine, and would injoy the show..
told them, where it was,, and that they can go.. take their kid. and injoy.. the day..
the neighbor, said.. car show, people that are at those, are low life scum, and I don't want my kid, near that.( mine you .. this was a neighbor.. I talked to and fixed their cars)
even the cop, couldn't believe that came out of their mouths..

sadly, the kid didn't get to go. with me or with his parents..
and their cars are not fixed by,me anymore..

p.s. one is parked because their can't afford ,what the shop wants to fix it..
I'm heart broken..
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