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Kick Panels W/Speakers

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I have seen them on line at least one place. They have 2-way coaxial speakers and replace the stock kick panels. Does anyone know what the quality of the speakers is like? How well do they fit? Do you retain the vent function? Where can I get them at the best price?

Thanks, Joel
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Originally posted by Joel Koontz:
I didn't see a control knob in the photos I saw. How is the vent activated?

Looks like they offer a Pioneer Speaker upgrade. Is their quality OK?

Thanks, Joel
On my 70 kickpanels the vent is opened and closed with a wingnut. I just replaced the passenger speaker, the one that came installed in the kickpanel blew already. No amp or extra power, just wired into the deck/reciever. I went with a deeper coned speaker I had sitting on the shelf. It fit in the kickpanel hole with a few mods. Oh I have only had the speakers in for 5 months.
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