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Can you guys help with the numbers I am trying to find out if it is an SS. These are all the numbers: VIN # 136671B238698. The trim tag is ST7113667 B272689 BD
TR 722 49BP
07A B 0083
Also the block casting numbers I could not find them on It is a small block casting number 3978017. The number on the pad is T1021GKB. Anything you guys can help with would be great.

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This should be posted on the "Tag Team" forum.

But here is the answer to some of your numbers:

VIN decodes to:
The year is 1971.
The make is Chevrolet.
The model is a Chevelle Malibu 2-door convertible.
The engine is a V-8. (Optional engines are not decodable by VIN.)
It was manufactured in Baltimore, MD.
The production sequence number is 238698.

Cowl Tag:
ST = Style
71= 1971 model
13667 = Malibu 8 cyl Two door convertible
B = Built in the Baltimore plant
272689 = factory sequence number
BD = Body
TR = Trim
722 = dark saddle interior?? (Not sure)
49 = Antique Green body color
B = Black vinyl top
P= Paint
07A = Built on the 1st week of July
B = white stripes??? (Not sure)
0083 = ??

Is this engine original?? If so.. I would look at those number again.. Because the last 3 digits should start with "C" and not "G"


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