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Junk-Truck , 66 Chevelle 327- crate 350

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Any issues come to mind?

ive got the 327 about ready to come out of the 53 Chevy Pickup, we have a new Crate GM 350 to put in it.

im mostly worried about the transmission since its a Powerglide from an old checker taxi cab.

were loosing the Generator, and putting in an Alternator so the A/C can be installed out here by the shop Pops knows about. not sure what ill run into doing that, so anything will help!

thanks gang! ill post a thread in Bench Racing when im all done!
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the 350 balancer will be fine fitting in the truck,, some crate engines don't come with one..
and the 327 balancer is smaller (little over 6" than "most" 350 balancers (7" or8")
thats all I think he ment, the different balancers don't line you with the timing pointers, as the newer g.m. crates the timing cover is plastic.. with the pointer cast into it..
the flexplate or flywheel (auto or standard) will need to be for a one piece rear main seal.
and make sure the torque converter bolt spacing is correct for whatever is in your tranny(if auto) and 153 or 167 tooth for what ever starter you have..
good luck

this is better

or really step up

change the last number in the part number to a 3 to get 4 bolt mains
but this gets you a roller cam/vortec heads/one piece seal/ and 350+ hp
but need an electric fuel pump and vortec intake

both are under 2k
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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