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Junk-Truck , 66 Chevelle 327- crate 350

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Any issues come to mind?

ive got the 327 about ready to come out of the 53 Chevy Pickup, we have a new Crate GM 350 to put in it.

im mostly worried about the transmission since its a Powerglide from an old checker taxi cab.

were loosing the Generator, and putting in an Alternator so the A/C can be installed out here by the shop Pops knows about. not sure what ill run into doing that, so anything will help!

thanks gang! ill post a thread in Bench Racing when im all done!
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Is it a new style crate with one piece rear main? That would be a problem, need a different flexplate.

on the 53, anything close to the 327 damper? the 350 damper will likely be much larger.
that one at Summit is a two piece rear main, uses the old style flexplate. looks like it has a fuel pump boss.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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