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Welcome to my 66 Chevelle build. I've had the 66 for many years, got busy with work and life - made some progress then not so much. Back at it though and should have PLENTY of time to work on it and complete it in retirement.

-- 2005 or there abouts - could it really be that long ago???

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All the parts are there but there are issues, rust issues

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Brown Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Automotive exterior

More to come... including
-- the tear-down
-- clean up and prep the frame
-- cleanup the firewall
-- dash gauge restoration
-- clean up inside the roof and insulate
-- new floors, trunk floors, rear window panel, rear tail panel
-- rebuild the rear window weatherstrip gutter
-- quarter panel replacement & inner wheel housing repair
-- new disc brakes & power brake booster & brake new lines
-- steering column replacement
-- new buckets & upholstery
-- fitment exercise for front & rear chrome and emblems

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1966 Chevelle SS
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First separate the frame and the chassis
Remove body bolts, cherry picker using chains & seat bolts
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Various parts restored and painted - as I recall, my son did most the frame cleaning and painting - I was off in AZ tending to my Mom

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Black Bicycle part Bicycle drivetrain part Bicycle handlebar Auto part
Table Automotive tire Bumper Wood Bicycle part

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1966 Chevelle SS
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All pulled apart, cleaned and repainted the inner green reflector area with a close match of the original (no photos of that) but the main section was all cleaned up and rebuilt and painted

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Finished product - like new


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Keep up the good work. Your project looks almost identical to mine when I started. Went with a restomod theme with mine as I started with a Malibu not a SS.Rusted in all the same places, but very doable with time and patience .It looks like you will have the time. Happy retirement and good luck.

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Started with some loose fitting sheetmetal over a mystery hole, which I patched & welded
Tried to get out the wrinkles and additional bumps to make it flatter and more appealing

Nice build so far. Thanks for all the pics.

That mystery hole was for the factory A/C suitcase.
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