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      • Created June 11, 2002

        Note!This section of "technical reference" is contributed by Jim Shea. Myinvolvement is going to just be to "cut & paste" what he providesand maintain the area. Anything that I add will be marked as such by putting itin italics. Wes. Vann

        Jim is a retired "steering engineeringsupervisor" in the Product Engineering Department at Delphi SaginawSteering Systems (formerly Saginaw Steering Gear Div., GMC). This after workingthere for 38 years as an engineer. (some other papers that he has written can befound at the website)

        For those that may not know; Saginaw was responsible forengineering and manufacturing of tilt columns, energy absorbing steeringcolumns, manual and power steering gear boxes, and power steering pumps for allChevelles.

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        Power Steering GearUpgrade

        Factory Power SteeringGear Tear Down Instructions

        Spreadsheets showing what power steering gear boxes are in what vehicles...



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