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Hey everyone,

I have a tough decision to make. This can lead to the whole look of my car. Everyone knows a car isnt entirely whats on the outside but its whats in it to. I want my car to be respected in a way where people look and it and dont go "why the hell did he do that?". I know its my car and all and I make the decision, but the right look is needed. My brother has a 1971 Chevelle SS396. Very nice car. VERY! FAST CAR!. He went all origional on his interior. His car is all origional except for performance mods. I recently bought a 1972 Nova. It has a 327. Its an underminded engine but its pushing around 350hp. The guy I bought it from was trying to restore it to origionality, but its not origional and its not pro-street. When it comes to the interior I have a decision to make. Should I add a 4 point roll bar, put in some nice leather racing seats and a 4 point harness which I kind of like the idea of or do I stick to the origional interior. My front seats currently in the car are some cheap bucket seats from god knows what and my rear seat is origional which I would like to keep in it. If I put in the roll bar, would the back bars go through my back seat? Would it also eliminiate and use of the backseat or can someone squeeze through it? Also, with a 327 engine would it look cheezy if I did that?...I could stick to the origional interior though. Your help could make my decision.

...Should I do the roll bar/ bucket seats
or should I stick in the stock interior...??

Brian :confused:
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