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It's Easy If You Follow Directions Carefully

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  • It's Easy If You Follow Directions Carefully.

    RD: I have a 1970 Chevelle with original alternator and regulator and I'm planning onchanging to the more modern alternator with the built-in regulator. What wiring changesare necessary? Will regulator wires be disconnected, taped and left?

    W_: The conversion is rather straight forward if you are comfortable with electronics. Ifthere is any question, there is a kit that is sold by MAD enterprises (818) 786-5725 thathas everything (except the alternator) for about $25. There are the required connectorsand all of the wiring. The best thing about his kit is the instructions that come with it; veryclear and easy to follow.

    DS: You do not have to disconnect any wires, and the conversion to a Delcotron 10 or12SI alternator requires a couple of wires to connect. First, the BAT terminal and #2terminal are connected to the battery source on the starter solenoid, which is described inlater GM wiring diagrams. The #1 terminal, on the 10 or 12 series alternators, goes to theidiot light, which is the dark brown wire. You might want to plug a wire into the endterminal (the brown wire plug) that originally goes to the external voltage regulator to the#1 terminal, and the other terminal, #2, connects to the battery.
    These are the materials that I would use: #10 wire, red insulation, #14 1/4" maleconnector (for connecting the brown wire to the #1 terminal), #14 wire, with enough slackto reach the alternator, and a wiring conduit sleeve, to make an alternator conversion looklike a factory job. If connecting the #2 terminal to the battery, use a fusible link, availablefrom an auto parts store, and a good idea is to find an alternator pigtail, and this will be agood starting point.
    This conversion requires only a few wires to be fabricated. There is one terminal on theoriginal external voltage regulator which is used to send the current to the idiot light,while the #2 terminal goes to the starter solenoid to avoid voltage drop. The existingcharging wire on the back of your 10DN alternator can be reused on the 10 or 12SIconversion.

    F_: Go to a single wire alternator, save all the hassles; tape up all the wires left over.

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