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Hello all. First off, please forgive any ignorance I have on the A-body. I've always been a LS1/Fbody guy. My 18 yr old brother-in-law has a 71 Chevelle (rough first ride huh?). The car has definitely been mickey-moused (found this out while doing some wiring). So far, I've decoded the VIN to say that it's a 71 base 2dr 350 car. The stamping on the engine pad is from a 72 block with non-matching partial VIN and 416 (mid-80's 305) heads. Also, it's a 3spd auto.

I was checking the rear-end to find out what's inside without pulling the cover. The cover has half moon cutouts at 3 & 9 o'clock which made me think Buick although someone could've just put that on there. I managed to find, on the pass. front side of the axle: CCB0721 stamped into the tube. CC is gear ratio code, 3rd digit "B" is Buick and last four are month/date right? I couldn't find a decode for it anywhere for 68-72 A-body. So then I found the casting number at it's 1235198 which I saw is a Buick PN for 73+ rear ends. If this is correct I found that CC means 2.73 posi which jives with the "use limited slip lubricant" tag on one of the cover bolts.

My question is: is this correct? Is this really a 73? I thought that 68-72 rears were NOT interchangeable with 73+ as the upper control arm mounts were different. Has anyone seen this before?

Thanks in advance.
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