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Is there anyone out there that can help me????????

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Well here's my problem, for whatever reasons my automatic door locks seem to stop working while I'm driving and don't open with I turn the truck off. I noticed that it started when I took off the door panel to replace the inside door latch mechanism because the old door handle had broke. After I installed the new one and put everything back together the locks started not to open. They'll open like they're suppose to, but then they'll stop. I've checked my fuses and they seem fine. I've somewhat narrowed it down to it possbily being my driver's seat. Seems like when I sit down they stop working. That's the only thing I can think of now :confused: ...I was even thinking maybe it could be some wires in the engine compartment that were suffering from all the heat. Also, if they are working while I'm in the truck and driving, I'll notice the radio's lights dim and the music sound like it doesn't have any power, then it'll start working again, BUT the locks don't :mad: I did notice when I pulled the cover for the fuses on the side of the dash on the driver's side that one of those little tin fuses, the one on top, is/gets really hot...I was thinking that maybe that was the problem or had something to do with it. I swapped it with the one below and it seemed to be working, but as soon as I got in the truck and turned it on, the locks stopped working again :mad: Well, sorry for such a long question, but this has really been biting me in the a$$......PLEASE!!!!! can anyone help??? I can really use the info and it is much appreciated. Thanks everyone!!!
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Should be easy enough, just retrace your steps. If it started happening after you changed something in the door you can bet that you inadvertently did something wrong.
I would start with the door. It never fails, even if you take your time and put everything back just the way it came apart something will inevitably be wrong. “Murphy’s law is a bitch” Thoroughly recheck the wires in and around the area you were working the first time. If this turns up nothing then continue with the seat or wherever the wires take you.

If I recall correctly GM locks are a ground pulse activated system. Meaning that if one of the ground wire(s) is pinched the relay will remain engaged and the relays will become worm or even hot as if you were holding down the lock of unlock buttons. This will also make it seam as if they are not working because if the lock or unlock is already engaged when you push the lock or unlock buttons on the door nothing is going to happen because the system is in a sense is already busy….
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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