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Is the UD 280/288 too small?

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Is the UD 280/288 hyd. flat tappet cam too small in a 496? The motor runs 781 heads with 2.19/1.88 valves, 9.0 comp., 4 speed, 3:73.
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Whats your intake,carb,exhaust and just as important your expectations or type driveing you expect to use the car the motor will be used in?

In general that cam is small/mild for a 496 esp with 373 gear but if mild is what you want then that cam is mild & what you want. But that cam maybe too mild on int dur which could cause too high cylender pressure resulting in detonaton so keep that in mind as a question to ask the cam mfg.

Call Harold @ Lunati cams (Check website for tech #),he will definately get you the exact cam your looking for after you tell him your eexpectations for your ride.

Jeff,thanks for the heads up on Harolds job status.

I wish him welll and am sure with his talents and reputation that he will do just fine. I as i am sure all of us on T/C will be waiting to hear from him as to where his next job will be so we can buy cams from him again if he stays in that buisness which i hope he does.

1 - 2 of 6 Posts