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is the DUDE gonna have a problem?

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Hear's the deal, The dude is getting ready to put a new 350 in his car. The cam is pretty big, and everyone recommended a TCI streetfighter 3000rpm torque converter. What kind of problems am I gonna have with my 2.73 geared pegleg rearend? (I am planning to put in a 12-bolt 3.73 posi, but THE DUDE is gonna have to save a little while longer!) At cruising speeds, the engine rpms are going to be below 3000 so what will happen? The tranny is a turbo 350 with a stage 2 shift kit, B&M deep pan, and a tranny cooler.

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Basically alot of converter slippage which means lots of heat. Heat kills an auto tranny...Try to not drive the car long distances like're bound to kill the tranny. You could always drive around in 2nd gear...
That would be a temporary fix...

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