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is the DUDE gonna have a problem?

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Hear's the deal, The dude is getting ready to put a new 350 in his car. The cam is pretty big, and everyone recommended a TCI streetfighter 3000rpm torque converter. What kind of problems am I gonna have with my 2.73 geared pegleg rearend? (I am planning to put in a 12-bolt 3.73 posi, but THE DUDE is gonna have to save a little while longer!) At cruising speeds, the engine rpms are going to be below 3000 so what will happen? The tranny is a turbo 350 with a stage 2 shift kit, B&M deep pan, and a tranny cooler.

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Instead of a 12 bolt which will cost you mega pesos, look at a conversion to Ltd Slip from PowerTrax, Auburn & Eaton. They all make them and the prices are resonable. This way you can upgrade and re-gear at the same time for much less $$$. Later on you could allways get a Currie 9" and sell the upgraded diff to recover some cash.

Hope it helps.

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