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I wanted that MSD HEI module that had the rev limiter in it. But gosh its 80 bucks. Is one of these worth it? Does it make a big difference for spark. Or would a cheaper accel unit work just as well. Now that I think about it I wanted it for the rev limiter for a coolness... But now I thinks thats a lame idea because I wont be bouncing off the limiter....probably ever. maybe a for a safety margin but my rotating assembly is good for 7000 rpm so it probably wont matter..

What do you guys think

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mc71454 aka Tom runs one in his low 10 second Monte
its not about the spark,its about the rev limiter ;)
And yes,they work well. Thinking of getting one of those myself.
I am not into the spark box "look" with one on the firewall or anywhere else for that matter.
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