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Is my carb running dry?

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So I take the car out tonight to this desolate road by my house. About 2 miles dead straight and punch it. I pegged the speedo past 120 and then let off and coasted about 1/4 mile and then drove about 50 mph the last 3/4 mile or so and noticed the car was sputtering a little. As I pulled up to the stop sign the car sputtered some more and then died (like it ran out of gas). I have 1/2 tank of fuel. Of course it was about 9:30 pm and there are no lights on this road and I had no flashlight with me. I tried to crank it over a bunch of times but it didn't fire. After about 15 minutes I gave up and walked home which was only a mile away. Came back with the truck and tried to start it one last time. No luck. So I towed it home and got it in the garage. I verified that I had 12 volts going to the distributor. I gave the carb a few stabs and verified fuel was coming out of the squirters. I tried to start it and after about 5-6 seconds of cranking it slowly started and idled fine. I gave it some stabs with the throttle and it was snappy as usual. Turned it off and started it right back up again. Engine temp during all of this was around 195.

It is kind of strange because I had a Pro Systems 1000 hp on this motor last year and it did the same thing after some WOT on the street. I then changed to a QFT 950 hp and never had the problem again. Now I have a Pro Systems Dominator that just did the same thing as the 1000hp did?

I didn't notice any leaks on the carb. I run a carter 172 gph mechanical pump with -8 AN line from tank to carb. It was hotter than H**L here today approaching 100 degrees, but I did not hear any boiling sounds from the carb, however it felt very hot under the hood. Any ideas?
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This is a new carb and I don't think any dirt got in it, but I guess anything is possible. Worth a mention is that I drove it to and from work yesterday (25 miles each way) and when I got home I went to do a little burnout in the driveway for the kids and at about 3000 rpm it sputtered and stalled. It took a little cranking to start but finally did. I tried it again and same thing, stalled out at 3000. Hard to start after but got it fired up and into the garage. About two hours later is when I took down that stretch of road I mentioned in my first post. It was slow on starting that time too. I mean it cranked fine just acted like it was flooded. Again it was very hot today and my car was at 210 degrees on the way home and it never usually runs that hot (some stop and go traffic). I know with my last Prosystems carb I checked the needle and seats and they were fine but that carb let me sit a few times with just normal driving in normal temps. I never could get it fixed so I changed to the QFT without problems. I just hope I am not going down the same path with this one. Cost a lot of $$$. This one has the 3 circuit system. Could the intermediate circuit be causing this problem? From what I understand, all I have to do is remove the intermediate air bleeds whcih will kill the intermediate circuit? Thanks
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