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Intermittent Voltage Spike problem

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I'm expierenceing a intermittent voltage spike problem according to my voltage gauge. I have converted over to a "CS" style alternator on my 66 chevelle. Theres nothing in paticular that causes it to do it. I could drive for 30 minutes and have 14 volts and then slow down to stop and it will spike back and forth, burying the needle. Driving to work this morning it did it for about 3 miles, sometimes staying pinned for 30 seconds are so. Ive replaced the voltage regulator and battery and still expierencing the same problem. Any suggestions?
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My volt gauge used to flutter. Until I tightened the gauge ground tight.
I have a CS-144. Bought a new forward harness from M&H with the conversion built in. The alternator connector has just the brown wire (idiot light). I have a big fused 1-foot cable from the alt to the battery. No remote sensing wire since the battery is right there - no horn relay distribution bus like OEM.

Are you saying you replaced the alternator's 'internal' voltage regulator?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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