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Interior Paint????

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Hello everyone we are in the process of primer on the ole chevelle now so here is the questions of the day....The car is Lemans blue with Black Interior.
Should the black on the Dash (below the Windshield), Glove Box & other metal be painted Gloss? Semi Gloss? Semi Flat Black? Flat Black????????

Next what about the Grille Filler Panel???

And the Rear Filler Panel?????

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Paint on the upper dash below the windshield should be flat black. Any degree of gloss on that area will reflect the sunlight right into the eyes of the driver. SEM's trim black works well in this area.

The main part of the dash, including the glove box, was originally painted with lacquer & baked to about 70-80% gloss. Since we can't replicate that as hobbyists, our best option is to paint it with lacquer, sand it with 1500 then 2000, then buff it out.

The paint codes for original interior black lacquers are

Dupont Lucite 88L
PPG 9266

If you can't get lacquer where you live, have a paint supply mix it for you in urethane.

The front grille filler & rear panel colors depend on the year of your car.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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