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Interior Codes and colours for Chevelles.

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Interior Codes and colours for Chevelles.

This is one area that I do not have to worry about, my wife Dot is a professional auto trimmer (thats a fancy term for an Automotive Upholsterer) who even has her Master Craftsman Certificate, so tops and seats, no problem...for me. Dot would like to remind you that 67 Chevelles had Madrid grain vinyl, and Levant grain vinyl tops, accept no others.
Codes for Interiors are also listed on the Protecto Plate, although it only tells the colour. This is a one letter code located on the top left of the protecto-plate. If you have the letter, here is the list.
Codes for Interiors can be found on the cowl tag and build sheet. They are a combination of three numbers and can be de-coded as follows:

Bench Seat


705 Royal Plum cloth/Plum vinyl
720 Medium Fawn Vinyl
723 Medium Bright Blue Vinyl
724 Medium Blue Redmond Cloth/Medium Blue Vinyl
726 Medium Blue Rio cloth/Medium Blue Vinyl
727 Medium Blue Patterned Vinyl/Medium Blue Vinyl
728 Medium Blue Roncina Cloth/Medium Blue Vinyl
729 Medium Blue Vinyl
730 Medium Blue Royale Cloth/Medium Blue Vinyl
746 Dark Maroon Roncina Cloth/Maroon Vinyl
747 Medium Red Vinyl
757 Black Patterned Vinyl/Black Vinyl
759 Black Roncina Cloth/Black Vinyl
761 Black Vinyl
762 Black Royale Cloth/Black Vinyl
764 Black rio Cloth/Black Vinyl
766 Black Patterned Vinyl/Black Vinyl
768 Medium Fawn Redmond Cloth/Medium Fawn Vinyl
769 Medium Fawn Rio Cloth/Medium Fawn Vinyl
770 Medium Fawn Patterned Vinyl/Medium Fawn Vinyl
775 Medium Turquoise Roncina Cloth/Medium Turquoise Vinyl
776 Medium Turquoise Vinyl
782 Medium Gold Vinyl
783 Medium Gold Vinyl El/Camino
794 Medium Gold Royale Cloth/Medium Gold Vinyl

Bucket Seat Option code A51

731 Medium Bright Blue Vinyl
738 Medium Blue Vinyl
750 Medium Red Vinyl
763 Black Vinyl
778 Medium Turquoise Vinyl
784 Medium Gold Vinyl

If you noticed that all bucket seats are solid vinyl, (can you say ...sticky?) you're right! Too bad, I.m kinda partial to cloth inserts.
These codes are also listed on the Cowl Tag.

Protecto Plate colour list.
This letter off the protecto plate designates what colour the interior of the car should be.
  • E is for Black interior.
  • B is for Blue
  • G is for Gold
  • D is for Red
  • T is for Turquoise
  • R is for Bright Blue
  • F is for Fawn
  • N indicates the Optional black cloth interior.
  • S indicates the Optional Blue cloth
  • W is for the Optional Gold cloth
  • P is for the Optional Plum cloth, wild.
  • V is the Optional Fawn cloth

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