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Interchangability of engine wiring harnesses?

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If I were to get a used engine wiring harness from a 71 with a BB and manual trans., could I still get this to work with my 70 with a smallblock and an auto? I am OK with subtle differences, and I will not be wiring in factory gauges.

I know they have slightly different part numbers from the repoppers but if I have a loose wire or two or need to add in a wire somewhere its not that big of a deal considering I will have saved a bunch of $$.
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Yeah that would've the smart thing to do!

I don't want to double post so I'll just wait for someone to chime in or a mod to move it.
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That is great news, thanks!
Thanks again guys, this great info just saved me a ton of money. I got a brand new engine harness off ebay for $41.
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