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Interchangability of engine wiring harnesses?

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If I were to get a used engine wiring harness from a 71 with a BB and manual trans., could I still get this to work with my 70 with a smallblock and an auto? I am OK with subtle differences, and I will not be wiring in factory gauges.

I know they have slightly different part numbers from the repoppers but if I have a loose wire or two or need to add in a wire somewhere its not that big of a deal considering I will have saved a bunch of $$.
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70 and 71 harnesses are two of the few that have the same pinouts and no big changes, so you can plug a 71 front harness into a 70 under dash harness and all will work without moving any wires. You will have tie in the extra high beam light connectors and extend the running light lines if you are also using the 71 forward light harness on the 70.
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