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I can't speak for David Vizard's recommendation, but I've run both combinations and never had problems either way. I would tend to say DP on a single plane, VS on a dual plane, but that usually is related to the performance level of the build, not a hard-rule.

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Cool, I'm in the process of wrapping up my 383 and I've been on the fence about what intake carb combo to go with. I'm leaning towards a Edelbrock perform rpm air gap with a Holley 750cfm double pumper. I also have a Edelbrock torker and Holley Proform 650cfm VS carb from a previous engine.

  • 1974 Small Block (4in. bores) cast with extra nickel, 2 bolt mains
  • Bore: 4.030
  • Stroke: 3.75in.
  • Deck height: .010
  • Eagle Rotating Assmebly
  • Eagle cast iron crank
  • Eagle forged 5.7in. i-beam rods
  • +12.00 cc d-shaped dish hypereutectic aluminum pistons
  • Milodon windage tray
  • Melling M-55 oil pump
  • Comp Cams Xtreme Energy Solid Roller Cam Kit
  • Lobe separation: 110*
  • Intake centerline: 106*
  • Adv. duration: 280/286
  • Lift: .570/.576
  • Overlap: 63*
  • Cam card
  • Fel-Pro Head Gasket, .039 compressed thickness, 4.166 bores
  • World Products Sportsman II Heads w/ 1.5 Roller rocker arms & locking nuts
  • Mallory Hyfire 6al digital ignition
  • Mallory Unilite breakerless distributor
  • Static Compression Ratio: 10.032:1
  • Dynamic Compression Ratio: 8.228

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Seems like just about everybody recommends the air gap for a street/strip car. I'm more conflicted about selecting a carb for the air gap. I'm leaning towards the 750cfm double pumper. That Proform carb has been nothing but a headache...
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