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Instrument bulb sockets 69 Chevelle

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Anyone know were I can get these new?
Boneyard is last resort. The things are so cheezy, when you pull them out of the back of the instrument cluster, a lot of them leave the springed forks in the cluster. You are left holding the wire and plastic socket. I need 4 or 5.

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Thanks for the input. I was beginning to think no one looked in the electrical board.
I am missing 3 sockets completely. Four of the ones I have the metal clips/fasteners/springy things pulled out of the plastic socket. They didn't really think they would stay in there did they? If you have extras and don't mind parting with them, I'll send you 10 bucks and a small box to ship them back to me. If they are hard to come by though, you might want to hang on to them. Let me know.
I have my dash out now and am not going to put it back in until I get this all sorted out. I have until late March the way I see it. bummer

Thanks again
I just got off the phone with Year 1.
They carry a 5 pack with bulbs for 8.95.
They did not have a picture of them and they are not in the catalog. I orderd them anyhow. If they are the wrong ones I will send them back. Hopefully they will be ok.
I forgot all about Painless. I bet they would sell them. I'll look there next if Steve doesn't get back to me and or the year 1 stuff isn't right.

Yup! Thats the rascal!
Miserable little beasties.
I'll bet that guy doesn't work for GM

Maybe I'll try the epoxy trick too.
Nice picture!
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No problem Steve.
It looks like there are a few out there anyhow. Thanks for your reply.

Got the sockets from yr 1 yesterday. Yup, not the right ones.
They are for a 70. Twist in not push in. Made double sure the guy knew I had a 69 too.

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I revived this post cause I found a place to get these sockets new and I thought some people might be interested. NAPA. Go figure.
The ones I got the NAPA guy and I matched up in the book. They are NOT original equipment, but hold the correct bulb and fit in the dash opening ( 5/8 ) and have only one wire attached. A little pricey at 3.50 ea. But they are put together much better and should not drop the bulb in the instrument cluster.

Thanks to all you guys that replied.

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