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Instrument bulb sockets 69 Chevelle

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Anyone know were I can get these new?
Boneyard is last resort. The things are so cheezy, when you pull them out of the back of the instrument cluster, a lot of them leave the springed forks in the cluster. You are left holding the wire and plastic socket. I need 4 or 5.

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After the first two sockets that I removed came apart, I began removing them a little differently. I rotated the socket clockwise and counter clockwise back and forth a few times before pulling them. I also kept this up while pulling them out. With this approach, I had no further separations.

Now I just need to figure a way to get a bulb out of the cluster. Maybe I'll put a little super glue on the tip of a cotton swab or something and stick it through the hole and try to make contact with the bulb. Any other ideas?

Randy Hammett
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